New Home Packages | The Benefits of Buying New with KEY2

At KEY2 we believe in buying new or building property.  Here are 12 reasons why buying new or building is better than buying existing property.

  1. Designed for you - You have the ability to design your house to suit your families’ lifestyle and needs.
  2. It’s brand new –With your new home package there are no blemishes, no faults, no history and it is clean.
  3. It’s guaranteed – Your house will come with a 10 year Master Builders/Certified Builders guarantee provided you choose a member of either organisation.
  4. It’s more affordable - Under the LVR when building you only need 10% deposit, instead of 20% when purchasing existing property.
  5. It’s healthier – through better insulation and modern materials your home will be drier, warmer and healthier. Great for you and your family.
  6. Lower maintenance costs - There are few if any maintenance costs for at least the first five to ten years of owning your new home, which is a significant saving on cash flow
  7. Enjoy modern living - Enjoy the benefits of new modern living by including all the latest features like sculleries, walk in wardrobes, underfloor heating, double glazing, LED lights, high tech wiring, airconditioning, into the design of your house.  
  8. Double glazing -  Double Glazing is possibly the single most important feature of a new home as it not only maintains a more constant temperature so saves money on heating costs but it also acts as a significant sound reducer which is important with smaller sections.
  9. Help form your community – When building in a new or emerging area you get the opportunity to be part of and help shape a new community. More often than not you will be surrounded by likeminded people.
  10. New local amenities - If building in a new or emerging area you experience the benefit of increased commercial infrastructure, eg shopping centres, supermarkets and schools; that cater for the way we live today. It can also have the collective effect of increasing capital gain at a faster rate.
  11. Immediate capital gain - Capital gain is achieved in most circumstances as soon as the house is complete; this is because the land has now been developed to its highest and best use.
  12. Higher resale appeal – Your home will be more desirable to buyers when (and if) you decide to sell.  Not only will it have the latest fixtures and features but because it has been built under more rigid and robust regulations it will be seen as a safer financial option than the homes built during the leaky building era for instance.

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