Kumeu Central’s exciting new live / work offering provides a rare investment opportunity with its residential and commercial design.

Comprised of 44 units, set in the heart of Kumeu Central’s proposed town centre, each unit is fashioned to provide the best commercial and residential aspects. Street facing, to ensure optimal foot and vehicle traffic.  
The first level apartment offers a desirable upmarket residence, sized from 68m2 with 2 bedrooms / full bathroom with available off street parking.
There limited number together with low interest rates and high income potential, will not see these units on the market long. 
The opportunity  exists to purchase a street level commercial space which is perfectly suited for office, retail or hospitality businesses with areas spanning from 55m2, that come complete with bathroom & kitchenette.  Both residential and commercial units have their own titles.


Here are some options that may be considered:

Buy commercial unit 7 for $499,000 plus GST and work from it.
Buy residential apartment unit 7a for $599,000 and live in it
Buy both and then live in the apartment and rent out unit 7 on a commercial lease
Buy both and then work from the commercial space and rent out the apartment
Buy both and live and work from the combined spaces!

Construction of Kumeu Central’s commercial sector is due to start at the end of the year. Key businesses, including an international food chain are confirmed as part of the development.

Kumeu, given its key location of only 20km from Auckland’s CBD, is experiencing burgeoning growth. Improvements to the motorway and extensions have only contributed to this, enabling greater accessibility to the Kumeu area.

The influx of residents from Kumeu Central as well as the significant growth of the Kumeu/Huapai area will heighten commercial activity and demand.

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