Property investment is one of the most popular ways to generate wealth in New Zealand. Nearly a third of all investments in New Zealand is in property – making it our country’s most popular by far.

Despite the current property market shifts, making a long-term investment in New Zealand property can build your overall wealth.  For one, based on historical data, investing in real estate provides above average returns than many asset classes in New Zealand.  Furthermore, investment property in New Zealand has enjoyed a strong average annual growth rate and thanks to the increasing population, future demand is a given.  The demand will continue to hold up real estate prices, while our changing demographics will ensure a steady stream of tenants.



With KEY2, the difference is in the detail.  

We provide unique property investment opportunities based on our long-term partnerships and our specialised ability to access the widest range of NEW property portfolios in and around Auckland.  

We collaborate with best-in-class local mortgage and insurance authorities with extensive knowledge and industry know-how to effectively evaluate and guide your specific investment needs.

Our Property Investment team have an exceptional amount of expertise in wealth management and financial strategy. We understand the impact that it has on every aspect of your life, and we always lead with your best interests in mind as we guide and provide clarity to property investment.




Our initial discussions will include;
Building a property portfolio with no cash deposit & no weekly outlay 
Using your property to pay off your current mortgage 
Structuring your mortgage to protect you, your family and your home 
Where to look and what to buy for the best return 


Our Property Investment Mortgage specialist will carefully evaluate your borrowing capacity and will guide you through your most effective borrowing strategy.
Our Property Investment team will determine;
Best areas in your price range
Property options in your price range
Future potential of each location
All costs related to each property portfolio option 


The KEY2 Property Investment team will create a personalised property investment strategy specifically tailored to your needs.  This will include;
Providing a selection of several properties within your comfort range for you to consider 
Taking you on a guided tour outlining the benefits and suitability of each property and location 
Providing a detailed demographic profile on each
Providing an extensive property report on each 
Informing you of all purchasing, holding, and running costs associated with each property


Once you have selected the property to invest in, as New Property Specialists, KEY2 is perfectly placed to assist you with the new property purchase process.
Our Property Investment Mortgage specialist will provide advice on the best loan structure and rates, arrange your mortgage and guide you through the application process. 
An Insurance expert will review your current insurance policies and will determine the most suitable cover at the lowest price.  They will also ensure that you receive the most suitable provision for your future assets.
The KEY2 Property Investment Team will also assist with Property Management incl. tenant selection, overseeing rental payments, conducting thorough inspections on a regular basis, arranging Landlord Protection insurance and providing ongoing tenant support. 

At KEY2, we are committed to consistently delivering superior investment performance and personal service to our investors. 

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