So Where is this Market Really At? Part 2

03 Dec 2015

Did I speak too soon about a well earned rest? Seems I did as December has started with a bang with contracts flying around and enquiry spiking up. Not that we are going to cancel Christmas for the KEY2 team but it does seem people have decided to make some decisions before the end of the year. The most notable enquiry is for house and land packages under $700,000 which we are working hard to create more options for early in the new year. We might even be able to pre release some before Christmas, just quietly. If this is you then my advice is to preregister your interest with us so you get first choice before they are launched. Just contact one of our sales team or email me directly

Speaking to our KEY2 banker, their mortgage team are busy contacting all their preapproved clients, to let them know the test rate for lending has dropped, which means they are now approved for a bit more and that bit more is not likely to cost any more each month due to interest rates dropping. So maybe rather than heat pumps its fully ducted aircondioning, just a thought.