When working through our design and the build process, Kathryn communicated clearly so that we thoroughly understood each step. The designs looked amazing and she had such tenacity in making sure it was 100% what we wanted – there was no hard sell.

Kathryn told us everything straight & in a timely manner. She was reliable and a totally trusted partner in our journey.

We can't fault any step in the process, Kathryn really looked after our needs, rather than just representing the build company. She also helped out with our house sale delays by keeping the build company engaged. She was always available to help and answer any concerns.

So far this has been best experience ever at purchasing a home and I have purchased approximately 10 homes in my life. Everything was simple & pain free
Kathryn was instrumental to the success of this project & we are now only 3 months away from moving into our dream family home!

- Clayton & Allison Bailie


- Kathryn Cumberland